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I really loved it! My only gripe is that the screen size is a bit too big in my opinion. But since it was only really covering up the cabinet art it wasn't the biggest issue. Looking forward to your future projects

Cool combat system I've not seen anything like this done before I don't think. Great job :)

Its a fun game and looks great but I think it would benefit from having an undo move option (Perhaps with limited uses) so that I don't have to start over the whole level when I accidentally press an arrow key too many times and get the key stuck against a wall!

I really like this but I’m not completely clear on the rules. For example on some chains it will allow me to chain a bunch of 4s, but sometimes it doesn’t let me do this. Assuming this is intentional and not a bug I’m unclear on what the criteria is that allows me to do this in some cases but not others.

That said I enjoyed the game and found it fun. :) Great job!

This is awesome! I love the art style

nulledwine responds:

Thanks so much!

Really awesome twist on Minesweeper!

The game doesn’t work for me. It just gives me an error message after the language message :(

Playing on mobile.

mybonacci responds:

Thank you for your response!
I this case, I recommend to restart the Safari brower on phone. Maybe some assets load not enough fast then it cause an error!
I hope everything will going well with you <3

Great game! I loved the retro graphics. I did find it a little difficult to figure out what to do at times though.

I'm a huge fan of the games you're making. They're incredibly creative and I love to see it.

ThePeterson responds:

Hey thanks for the encouragement! :3

Loved it. Just when I thought I'd beaten the game I went into the land race and realised the game was much bigger than I expected. Great work!

I really enjoyed the sense of progression between each attempt although I did find myself having to grind resources once or twice for a 2 to 3 races in a row without making any improvements to my vehicles. But its not a big issue.

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