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Mazza II: Crackhouse of Illusion

Posted by Chris - 3 weeks ago

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for the great response that Mazza has had.

I don’t often talk about projects I’m working on until they’re done, because I like to have the option to drop them without anyone asking questions haha. But this year I’ve decided I’d like to try and change that mindset and open up a little more. So here I am doing just that! People who completed Mazza 1 might have noticed that I announced that Mazza will return in a game called Crackhouse of Illusion. This is what I’m currently working on.


Crackhouse of Illusion sees Mazza’s Mum sending him out on another big adventure. This time he has to bring his brother Lewie G home from the local crackhouse because his tea (thats his dinner if you’re unfamiliar with the term) is nearly done. Things aren’t so simple though as the crackhouse holds portals to a variety of enchanting locations such as a town made entirely out of fruits, Castle Knobferatu and the local industrial estate which Mazza will have to traverse in order to find his brother.

Here are a few work in progress screenshots from the game. These represent an in-development version of the game, so expect them to look a lot more polished and with more detail in the final game:




Where the first game took Mazza through primarily British locations, Crackhouse will not be limited by a basis in reality and the game will see him visit some more fantastical locations and other parts of the world. But don’t worry, as the people of South Yorkshire will be right there along with him chiming in with their opinions and the game will keep its crude sense of humour.

Since the launch of the first game I’ve made a few engine updates based on people’s feedback in the reviews. I’ve tried to address every reasonable criticism thats been thrown my way and a lot of them have already been implemented back into the original game. So thanks to everyone who has fed back! Neither game would be as good without your input.

There are some new systems being introduced into the new game as well which haven’t been back ported, such as a new dialogue system and a few new moves for Mazza.



I’m making great progress on the game, and I would expect to see it in the portal sometime at the end of April or at the start of May. The game is much more ambitious than the original, with more levels, a couple of planned boss fights and at least one mini-game. As such its taking me a bit longer to make than I typically try to spend on one project, even with the original game’s engine and assets to use as a starting point.

After this I have a few ideas I’m kicking around as potential follow up projects. I was considering a third Mazza game where Mazza goes on a British caravan holiday and has to track down a rogue seagull who has stolen his fish and chips but in all honesty I think I'll want a break from making platformers after I'm done with this one.

I’m also experimenting with some GameBoy game development which I thought might be fun to get into. But then I also want to make Mære 2 and a couple of other things haha! As you can tell I’m not short on ideas.

Anyway, hope you’ll play Mazza 2 when it comes out. I’m really looking forward to getting it in front of people. I’ll hopefully keep posting updates and try to build a habit of sharing with the community. So keep an eye on here for further news.




Looking forward to Mazza's next escapade!