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Both 2023 Gravoor games are now mobile friendly

Posted by Chris - 1 month ago

Took a short break from working on Mazza 2: Crackhouse of Illusion today to try experimenting with getting something compatible with a mobile device. The two most recent Gravoor games seemed like perfect test subjects for this. Both of these games should now work on your mobile or touch screen devices.




I'm waiting for Mazza 2, the sequel to your most recent game

(you should rember we last talk about the new game features)

Thanks I hope it won’t disappoint. I’m working on it at the moment. I’ve made a few engine improvements based on what reviewers said about the first game which I have been going back and adding into the original. I’ve got the new game all figured out so it’s just a case of sitting and doing all the work now lol. I’ll probably aim to do a preview news post next weekend to share some of the progress I’ve been making.

@Chris And in the 2nd game, had missions like NPC's and other. the history is based in the end of the first game, as an cutscene, you get the paint and drink the beer inside the place, you get more and you as the player falls asleep. after getting up you strange beucase you're in a forest: you don't know you how you get in there and you try walk around. you found an famous city in U.S: Buildings, Houses, milions of peapole downtown. i said "downtown" beucase Mazza he's on a hill wich is way up entire city in U.S wheres he don't lives in there beucase mazza lives in South Workshire (i dont know if i said correctly), U.K. so, you need to get airport to London U.K and get in home back again in exiciting advenure during that city. the cutscene ends as the camera POV turning an 3nd person view in front of mazza, wheres look like he looks at the player and the camera shows the hill with blue sky view. the game starts as mazza in the hill forest, where you need to get down the hill, somehow during the start, you get some tools and somethings to kill enemies that help in the game such as paints like in the 1st game, and other l that you can use just to found places or other in gameplay like an pickaxe to use to mine places an others. when you finally you got down, you're in a sand sidewalk with an gravestone one after that but you still can see the city, theres an restaurant next to the other side but it not accessible, in the road there lots of car and bus with taxi too in 3rd view pointing at the player. you can get taxi or onibus to get at the city where you avisted when you where at the hill, you get on and you finally get in the city. here the exemple for you