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Screenshots of Gravoor. Coming soon to iOS.

2013-08-25 17:47:02 by Chris

Gravoor is a new game I am developing for iOS based on a series I made back in the day (Heres a link if you are interested: )

It is an original take on the maze game genre in which you guide a character by pointing at the screen to show him where to go. The object of the game is the reach the goal at the end of each maze whilst avoiding a variety of traps and obstacles along the way.
To aid you on your journey there are different power ups which you can use to your advantage. For example, you can shrink in size to squeeze through tight spaces or grow large to break down walls that block your path.

Here are some screenshots of the latest build:

The game will be released on the App Store as a universal app and will feature Game Centre integration (Achievements, Leaderboards).

I cannot commit to a specific release date at this time.

Screenshots of Gravoor. Coming soon to iOS.


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2013-08-25 19:56:41

How much will it cost?